Bethany Norman, Southampton. Yoga for beginners and back care.

Unsure about yoga? Shake off the stereotype! Live Well Yoga is for Any Body.

Is this you…

When people come to me they usually have the impression that yoga is just for young, fit, bendy people. Just like you, they are a beginner, but have heard how great yoga is. Like you, they struggle with back pain, stiffness in their muscles and joints, and they realise they are getting older and can’t move like they did in their 20s and 30s. But, just like you, they want to do something about it before it is too late.

My solution…

Now, my style of yoga is actually the perfect solution where you’re at. You see, I’ve created this slower and gentler style that suits any body. In fact, it is specifically designed to delay the effects of aging by keeping your joints and body mobile, improve your balance, and create a strong and healthy body.

Hi, I’m Bethany.

I am deeply passionate about health and wellbeing for all ages, and all bodies. I have been a student of yoga since 2002, I have been teaching it since 2016, and I have 15 years experience in healthcare. My career, and life experience, means that I am able to see a person holistically, as the sum of all their parts, am able to respond with empathy to their needs, and deliver a lesson that will challenge and guide you in the right direction for your health and wellbeing aspirations.

Through working with me, people experience an increase in the suppleness of their body and joints, they improve their balance, and find they have more energy. You’ll understand that this makes it a whole lot easier day-to-day to have the stamina for an active life that includes holidays, gardening, and playing with your kids or grandkids. In the long-term, doing yoga regularly will help keep you strong, and supple, which is so important for a long and enjoyable life.

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