Yoga lessons with me, and more…

Have you been thinking about trying yoga?

You and I are a perfect fit. Let me explain…

I teach yoga, and want to help you with your goal of optimising your long term physical and mental health.

You are looking to make a commitment to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible using yoga.

You are feeling a bit nervous about trying yoga, and I make sure that everyone feels welcome; with a focus on making the yoga moves as accessible as possible for all different bodies. See, we are perfect together!

Free videos to try my style

Would you just like to ‘try before you buy’? I can send you a series of three short videos to try. They are aimed at increasing your balance and coordination for healthy ageing, but as they are slow and gentle, would suit beginners too. Find out all about them here.

The options for doing yoga with me

Private yoga lessons

Private yoga lessons are held in the safe and exclusive environment of my COVID Secure home studio, all equipment provided. Private lessons are perfect if you are a complete beginner and need to build up confidence. Or, if you would like one-to-one attention because of a particular issue you are struggling with physically, such as an injury or medical condition. These lesson can also be done over Zoom, if you prefer. Private lesson are £30/hour.

Group classes

Hour long group classes take place on Tuesday 17.30, 18.30, and Saturday 09.30; in-person, and on Zoom, from Pilates on the Avenue. A place costs £30/month, and you get the added bonus of access to my on-demand videos so you can also do yoga at home to really get the full benefit of doing yoga regularly.

Group classes are better if you have some previous experience of yoga, but feel free to get in contact to discuss your needs.

You might feel nervous, that’s OK

private yoga lessons
I am passionate about health and well being for every body.

If you are feeling a bit nervous about trying yoga, rest assured that I make everyone feel welcome, and my main focus is on making the yoga moves as accessible as possible for all different bodies. In this regard, some of my students have said:

  • ‘Really welcoming and friendly. I was a bit nervous as I had never done yoga before but feel really comfortable being able to go at my own pace’.
  • ‘Enjoyed my first class, I don’t possess mats and blocks so it was useful to borrow them from Beth’.
  • ‘Friendly calm atmosphere… Bethany would help you with any problems if you had any’.
  • ‘Have really enjoyed the block of sessions. Wish I had taken yoga up a long time ago!’

Remember the option of free videos? More info here.

Don’t put it off any longer. Message me now so you can start yoga to improve your health and well-being forever.